International conference on Power, Energy and Innovations October 16-18, 2019, AMBASSADOR CITY JOMTIEN, PATTAYA, THAILAND

Prof. Mohana Lakshmi J.

Prof. Mohana Lakshmi J.

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, Karnataka, India

Title: Smart Grid and Smart City – A Global Innovation Arena

Creating liveable, sustainable cities is a major challenge of the 21st century as an increasing amount of the world’s population resides in urban areas. According to the United Nations, currently half of the world’s population lives in cities. By 2050, the UN projects, two-thirds of the world’s 9.7 billion people will dwell in cities. The trend towards urbanization, however, puts pressure on existing city services and systems. More people mean more complications for public safety and health, transportation, energy and water, among others. The energy infrastructure is arguably the single most important feature in any city. If unavailable for a significant enough period of time, all other functions will eventually cease.  A smart grid alone does three things. First, it modernizes power systems through self-healing designs, automation, remote monitoring and control, and establishment of Microgrid. Second, it informs and educates consumers about their energy usage, costs and alternative options, to enable them to make decisions autonomously about how and when to use electricity and fuels. Third, it provides safe, secure and reliable integration of distributed and renewable energy resources. All these add up to an energy infrastructure that is more reliable, more sustainable and more resilient. Smart grids are modernised electricity grids that interact with technology and infrastructure to increase the transparency of energy use for consumers. Modernizing our electric grid through smart grid enhancements is an integral first step to enabling smart cities. Thus, a smart grid sits at the heart of the smart city, which cannot fully exist without it.


Mohana Lakshmi J. is currently with the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, Karnataka, India, as Assistant Professor. She obtained her B.E. degree from PES College of Engineering, Mandya and M.Tech. Degree from Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan in the year 2010 and 2012 respectively. She has completed her doctoral degree in the month of July, 2018 in the field of power electronics and drives. She is a 1st Rank holder and Gold medallist in her M.Tech programme. Her areas of research focus on power electronics applied to drives control, electric vehicle technology and renewable energy systems. She has received best project guide award for the project titled “Fabrication of potable solar water purifier” in the year 2018. She has also received best paper presenter award for the research article “Performance analysis of 5-level inverter for Hybrid Distribution Generation System”. She has published several research articles in International Journals/Conferences. She is also a member of IEEE PES chapter Bangalore section.