International conference on Power, Energy and Innovations October 16-18, 2019, AMBASSADOR CITY JOMTIEN, PATTAYA, THAILAND

Kotaro Hashikura

Department of Mechanical Science and Technology
Gunma University
Kiryu, Japan

Title: Development of preview control design methods for EDC and LFC

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind have been encouraged as alternatives for thermal or nuclear powers.Since their power generation capability is greatly affected by weather conditions,we are facing new challenges for keeping supply and demand power balance.In order to enhance the functionalities of power systems,studies have been devoted to the preview control design methods which utilize future prediction of load variations.Among them, the lecturer will present his research development aimed for the online power generation controls, namely, EDC and LFC.EDC and LFC operate on slower and faster time scales,and cope with long-period and short-period load variations, respectively.As for EDC, he will talk about a robust model predictive control,which keeps operational constraints against a sudden weather change.As for LFC, he will talk about an H2 optimal output-feedback control,which deals with limited information on power plant equipment.

Kotaro Hashikura received the B.S. degree of Mechanical Engineering, the M.S. degree of Informatics, and the Dr. degree of Engineering from Kyushu Institute of Technology, Fukuoka, Japan in 2006, from Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan in 2010, and from Tokyo Metropolitan University, Tokyo, Japan in 2014, respectively. From 2014 until 2018, he had been a Project Research Associate at the Faculty of System Design, Tokyo Metropolitan University. He is currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical Science and Technology, Gunma University.His research interests focus on preview control design methods with applications to robotics and power systems.

Asst.Prof. Nopbhorn Leeprechanon
,Ph.D., M.A. (Pol. & Gov.)
,M.Eng. (EE), B.Eng.(EE),

Title :Power Utility and Infrastructure Preparation: a Transition toward to a Smart City

       is with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Thammasat University. He has been an active researcher in the area of electrical power systems planning and economics for over two decades. He experienced in the power engineering industry, Chaired many conferences such as IEEE PES ISGT ASIA 2015, IEEE PES GTD ASIA 2019, etc. He was invited to be a keynote speaker and also presented his research papers related to his research interests in four continents. He published over 50 papers internationally. He has worked in the power engineering and related industries before joining Thammasat University in 1996. He held many executive positions in education and engineering sectors, including Deputy Dean of Engineering, Board of Directors of Thammasat University, President of Council of Faculty Senate, Thammasat University, He is currently the Inspector of the Council of Engineer of Thailand, Executive Committee, IEEE PES Thailand Chapter and Smart Grid Subcommittee, Energy Policy Office, Ministry of Energy of Thailand. Nopbhorn received the 2018 Outstanding Engineering Award (OEA) from the IEEE PES Headquarter, USA.